Our Services

United Business Investments offers a wide range of comprehensive services. We offer professional services in the areas of commercial estate as well as value-added business advisory and consulting assistance. These services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Business Brokerage Services for business owners and buyers. Whether you are looking to sell or purchase an existing small business, we are there to help.
  • Franchise Sales – Perhaps your goal is to go into business “for yourself”, but not necessarily “by yourself.” Then franchising may be the answer. We can help you find the opportunity that best fits your personality and resources.
  • Space Analysis – Assistance in finding space based on your unique requirements.
  • Exit Planning – This is a comprehensive service designed to help business owners leave the business on their terms while maximizing business value.
  • Selling Decision Analysis – We perform a complete assessment of your business to determine probable price range, sales terms, and likely buyers. At the end of the process the business owner is able to make an informed decision.
  • Business Valuation – Enterprise value is an essential element used in a number of ways by the business owner. Our business valuation services are performed by credentialed professionals.
  • Sale Preparation & Marketing – Should the owner decide that selling the company represents the best action, we provide the necessary paperwork, marketing material, and guidance in that process.

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