Exit Planning

First, let’s start with answering a very basic question: what exactly is an Exit Plan? It is a comprehensive program designed to assist a business owner in successfully exiting a privately held company. The primary purpose of a well-defined Exit Plan is to create a more valuable business at the time of exit. At the same time, the plan should minimize the tax burden while preserving the owner’s personal and financial goals in the process. Exit Planning includes exploring all exit options including sales to third parties or transitions to family, business partners, management staff, or employees.

We understand how to help owners synchronize these elements into an overall success plan. This plan shows owners how to begin positioning themselves and their businesses so they will accomplish all of their personal, financial and business goals when they exit or transition out of their business.

The exit planning process is most effective in delivering high value to companies that generate a minimum of $2 million in annual revenues. At its core, a well-designed and strategically implemented exit enables business owners to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Maximize company’s exit value
  • Minimize, defer, or eliminate capital gains taxes
  • Control how and when to exit the business
  • Ensure continuity of the business
  • Reduce personal stress level and that of their employees and families

A recent survey showed that the number one reason private business sales fail or only partially succeed is due to a lack of planning on the seller’s part. The first step to creating a more valuable and saleable company is to complete an Exit Planning Readiness Assessment and Business Valuation. Contact us today to schedule confidential initial interview.

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