M&A Services

Once all factors are in place and you have decided to move forward with the business sale, we will proceed based on the following general formula.

This approach is designed to allow you to stay focused on the business while we handle the distractions of locating suitable buyers, fielding inquiries, assisting with financing and negotiations, and maintaining all documents in a secure “Data Room”.

  • To kick things off, we will meet with you and your management team in order to better understand your goals, and your exit plan objectives. We will then design a plan to achieve those goals.
  • Then based on valuation results we will develop a preliminary price range, analyze and propose possible deal structures.
  • In order to maintain momentum throughout deal process, we will promptly begin “Pre- Transaction Due Diligence” activities very soon after the sell decision has been made. The goal of “Pre-Transaction Due Diligence” is to have your company prepared 80% to 85% for the prospective buyer. This goal will make the process much easier for both you and the buyer. It will also separate your company from the competition for the buyer.
  • We will prepare an Overview (teaser) & Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM). This is the professionally packaged “book” that sophisticated buyers require in evaluating potential acquisition candidates.
  • We will compile a list of potential buyers for your business.
  • We’ll make contacts; arrange calls, meetings, tours, and reviews of your business with prospective buyers. This is in addition to managing and tracking all presentation, disclosure, offering, and negotiations documents.
  • Finally, we’ll prepare for the final due diligence process and coordinate the work with employees, attorneys, CPAs, and all other relevant parties involved in closing the transaction.

Contact us in confidence if you are at the point of selling and/or you have any questions or concerns.

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