Sell a Business

As a business owner, your company represents years of hard work, personal sacrifice, and considerable capital invested in the enterprise. Perhaps you have been thinking about selling the business or moving on to the next phase in your life. If so, preparation is the key to unlocking the value in your business. It is never too early to start the Exit Planning process. In preparing an orderly exit, the business owner must get answers to several critical questions:

First, what price would the company command on the open market? Setting this figure too high could dampen interest so much that you never make it to the negotiations stage. Potential buyers may forgo the initial inquiry due to perceived unrealistic pricing. They simply won’t call. On the other hand, if the asking price is too low, the owner risks leaving money at the closing table. United Business Investments (UBI) principals have extensive experience in business valuations. Our objective is to provide the owner with a range of probable business values and likely sale terms. Having this information in hand, the company owner is better able to make informed decisions about where to price his or her business.

Secondly, how does the owner attract the highest number of qualified buyer prospects? Unless the seller is experienced in business sales, the range of outreach methods is apt to be very limited. Also, should post-closing issues arise with the business – whether due to normal management challenges involved in business ownership or from unforeseen financial difficulties – the buyer will likely look to the former owner as a source of relief. As professional business intermediaries, we use a number of proven marketing techniques to attract qualified business buyers. In addition, your UBI partners prepare the necessary paperwork, screening documents, and disclosure statements; these are designed to minimize post-closing buyer issues to the fullest extent possible.

Finally, there is the question of “confidentiality”. How do you attract buyers while - at the same time – minimizing the possibility that key employees, competitors, and vendors discover that your company is on the market? Not only could this have a disruptive affect on company operations, but also it could erode the firm’s perceived value in the marketplace. Again, here is another area where we can help. UBI experienced business brokers assist the owner in maintaining confidentiality by advertising the company’s availability using “blind” or generic descriptions and by screening prospective buyers. Only qualified buyer prospects who have signed a confidentiality agreement receive detailed information.


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